Mare nostrum (Latin for “Our Sea”) the second Tot-Hom bridal collection of 2019 is submerged under the essence of the Mediterranean Sea. A privileged enclave of exuberant luminosity that allows us to witness unique stories that generate a great fascination.

It´s serene waters, sometimes wild, are a great source of seduction and inspiration. A symbol of the union of past, present and future. Full of hidden dreams and stories of a romances equal to none, and among them, the bride, the only star that will be celebrated under a dazzling landscape turning her into the centre of everyone’s gaze.

Romantic designs full of personality, inspired by volumes, transparencies and lace. Dresses made of separates studded with details carefully intertwined with hand-stitched embroidery. The craftsmanship is stunning, and once again, elevates the collection raising the wedding dress to the highest level of elegance.