At Tot-Hom&Co we are already putting a lot of our energy towards the new spring summer 2020 season. And here´s a little hint, there will be some exciting changes that we are sure you are going to love. Today on our blog we want to share with all of you a sneak peak of the brands that you will be able to find this spring summer 2020 in our shops.

Brands that we will have this spring summer 2020 at Tot-Hom&Co

As many of you  already know. There are brands that we have been working with for many years, brands that we identify with 100% and that form a part of our own essence. All of them have something very important things in common: they are loyal to the style and essence of Tot-Hom&Co. For us it is fundamental that the brands that are part of our boutique share our same values.
This spring summer 2020 season we will rely on several brands who are leaders in the international market. At the moment we will reveal just 4 of them: Aspesi, Jbrand, Joseph and Trebarrabi. Important names in fashion who are synonymous with femininity, design, quality and cosmopolitan style.

• Aspesi

aspesi barcelona primavera verano 2020
• JBrand

jbrand barcelona primavera verano 2020
• Joseph

joseph barcelona
• Trebarrabi

trebarrabi barcelona

You can find a preview of the new season in our multi-brand stores in Barcelona located on calle Rossellón 271 and calle Balmes 235. And soon you will also have them available at our online shop!