Bermuda shorts have garnered the attention of the entire fashion world. And it makes so much sense. The design gives them a versatility and comfort that make them the perfect garment to wear in spring.

The most sought after Bermuda shorts from Tot-Hom

In our latest Linea´ A collection we decided that shorts would be one of the key, focal pieces in most of our looks. That is why we opted to make them in many versions. 

We opted for plain colors, like khaki, navy and beige. But don’t worry, we also bet on prints to give them a fun and edgy air. Prints like plaids and houndstooth.

One of the ways we like best to wear them is with a matching blazer. It´s the perfect mix to achieve a cool, elegant and sophisticated suit look that is also incredibly trendy. 

We also like to wear them alone with a simple white t-shirt. And combine them with sneakers for a more informal look.

Below, we have a selection of the most sought after shorts to wear in the coming months. Which one of them do you want to have in your closet?

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bermudas cuadros

bermudas marino

bermudas kaki