Beige and celestial blue looks, the most relaxing balance. Do you agree? Light blue has become one of the hottest shades in fashion, a basic and classic soft, romantic colour, one that you can easily combine with everything and don´t tire of quickly.

Much like beige, which is also part of the range of neutral colours that never go out of fashion and, every year is combined with new colour trends and adapts to match any colour and style.

Beige and celestial blue looks, the most relaxing balance

At Tot-Hom we are placing our bets on celestial blue as one of the cornerstones of our summer collection and we wanted to reflect it in different designs and prints. Blazers, dresses, tops, and more. We believe it is a colour that, by itself, gives off delicacy, and when combined with other pastel or intense tones can enhance a look a great style.

As we discussed at the beginning we have selected a neutral colour to match, a 365 days of the year colour, beige. Both colours together create a warm and feminine look that favours any woman who wear it. For us, beige and blue looks make up the most relaxing balance of the colour palette and have a wonderful feel.

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beige and celestial blue looks