Be the best dressed guest in black and white and we guarantee a complete style success. Would you bet on a bi-coloured dress? Are you bold enough to mix different tones in one piece? Black is the classic of classics. But, why not show off at your next event?

Coco Chanel said that a woman was only truly elegant wrapped in a black dress. And then there´s white, the simplicity that is created in the forms of the garmnets makes it suitable for any occasion and is an ode to minimalism. It is true, dress codes dictate that in order to wear white to a wedding it must be fused with another colour.

Be the best dressed guest in black and white

We know the commandments for being the “perfect guest” by heart. Forget about wearing white, better not to choose black … however, the rules relaxed so much that today it is possible to choose almost any look that you feel suits you and doesn´t feel like a costume.

Here at Tot-hom, we believe there is no more perfect union than white and black, both shades give you a touch of elegance and sophistication that other colours don´t provide. If you have convinced yourself to wear such a design, here are the best options to make you the perfect guest. Do not lose sleep over your dress choice, discover our haute couture proposals from the S/S17 collection. Are you aiming to be the best dressed guest in black and white?

guest in black and white