Today´s post is dedicated to all of those who collaborated with us to make our “Tot-Hom Digital Edition” possible. A runway show adapted to our current situation so that we could present our latest autumn-winter 2021 collection. Do you want to know who was hanging out backstage? Well, we´re happy to spill the tea.

We open the doors to our backstage just for you!

We open the doors to the backstage of our presentation of the latest collection from the fashion house. You can participate in each step, usually hidden from public eye, from make-up and hair to collaborators, cameras, videos, stylists and assistants.
You need a great team of professionals who work together to create seamless results. It´s not enough to have a collection designed and physically made, presenting the collection goes much further.

Trusting in a good team of professionals is the key to have everything go according to plan. And at Tot-Hom we have been fortunate to have the best team to rely on.

We want to thank each and every one of the professionals who made our digital presentation possible, making sure every detail was captured and that the results exceeded our expectations.

  • Many thanks to the entire CEBADO team for ensuring that the models were looking perfect throughout the filming process. Their attention to detail and masterful work were responsible for the impeccable makeup and hair.

  • A big thanks to SERENA WHITEHAVEN for making our models walk with confidence and looking gorgeous while they did it in our haute couture designs. Trusting in your beautiful High Heels was a sure bet.

  • A heartfelt thanks to CARMINA ROTGER. We counted on her necklaces to adorn our looks one season more, a perfect match as always.

  • And last but not least, thanks to the super team of STUDIO CORTES for the great organization of the filming session and for the incredible photos. And of course thanks to CDG COMUNICACIÓN for breathing life in to our social networks, for broadcasting everything live and for helping us create an impeccable online shop. Without them none of this would have been possible.