With an overwhelming kindness and a contagious energy, we received the coolest sisters of the moment, Andrea and Pati Sañes. The reason? A photoshoot with the garments of the new FW2016 collection of Tot-homand Tot-Hom&Co.

It was the first time they worked together but the connection was instantaneous. The place chosen was the new Wittomore hotel in Barcelona, ​​a hotel created to seduce in every way. Located in an alley of the Gothic Quarter, it presents itself as an enigmatic and magical space, with a decoration that radiates personality from all sides and with corners created to fall in love with.

5 were the spaces chosen for the shooting: the dining room; with a decoration in the purest British style, the terrace; a natural place that invited to dream, the orange pool, tremendously beautiful and with 360º views; and the alley of the entrance; Where you could breathe the purest essence of the Gothic Quarter.

For each of the corners we chose a different look in accordance with the essence of the place. 5 looks that both Andrea and Pati Sañes were in charge of defending and they achieved it with style and class.

Black dresses, oversize pants, maxi coats, cashemere jerseys, and fur stoles were some of the garments they wore during the photo shoot. Garments from the Line A and the Pret-à-Porter collections, that they combined with some pieces from the Tot-Hom & Co multi-brand boutique, such as Fabiana Philippi and Sweet Couture jerseys, a Michele Rossi printed coat and a corduroy jean from Jbrand.

Here is a selection of the best images of the session:

Pati sañes

pati sañes



Fotografía: Brenda Roqué

Localización: Hotel Wittmore, Barcelona