A bride with a cape is mysterious yet romantic at the same time. Surely you have heard of capes for bridal wear and that´s because a year ago capes became an established part of bridal fashion. Sophisticated yet a dash risqué or boho-folk, they open a whole world of capes for brides that leave behind the classic to enter a more revolutionary phase of bridal fashion.

 A bride with a cape by Tot-Hom

A long time ago, we talked about wedding veils but in this post we want to show you one of our most special designs by the hands of Carlota Laucerica, a Tot-Hom bride wearing a rustic cape on her wedding day.

When a future Tot-Hom bride writes to us asking for an appointment to see our bridal collection, we prepare her welcome with lots of excitement and always thank her for choosing us for such an important day in her life.

With Carlota everything was perfect, when we met in the atelier we had a special connection. With her by our side we chose the design of the dress, a small jewel of couture with a straight cut, embroidered by hand and an exposed back. It is a meticulous piece that we provided great attention to detail.

To our surprise the bride informed us she did not want to wear a traditional veil, she wanted to complete her style with a cape that would add prominence to her dress. We thought it was an idea of a true pioneering bride. If we had to describe the total look of the bride, we would certainly say it was a one-of-a-kind look.

Carlota has been one of the forerunners of bridal capes and thanks to her, many of you will be inspired by this bridal complement. A complement you can wear in place of a veil, which will create the effect of wearing a long train on a straight dress, a complement to use as a cover-up for winter weddings, to cover the shoulders in religious ceremonies, or as a cover-up at midnight in summer weddings that stretch until dawn.

Thank you so much Carlota for trusting in Tot-Hom, you were radiant! We leave you with a look at the fabulous photos of the beautiful bride.