Today we want to take a moment to talk about our future projections. Tot-Hom has spent the last 50 years exceeding goals, making dreams come true and dressing thousands upon thousands of women from all around the world. Our passion for haute couture began in 1969 and is still with us today, and as strong as ever. 

A 50 year love affair with haute couture

Tot-Hom is synonymous with elegance and distinction. The brand´s successful history is all thanks to the know-how of its founder, Marta Rota and her team of seamstresses who have the same dedication and passion as the first day they began working in the atelier. The union of the design team, made up of her daughters, Andrea and Alejandra Osés Rota has introduced two new lines to the brand whose production has opened their doors to the international market.
Margarita Jovani, Marta´s mother, always told her to “always be myself and always trust myself” and that is precisely the message she transmits to her two daughters, following in her footsteps, “I tell them to believe in themselves to push forward and live and work with enthusiasm.”
The brand has presented many collections over the years. Collections that have dared us to dream in chiffon dresses, with ruffle and rhinestones, volumes and beautiful embroideries. Thousands upon thousands of creations that have become true works of art and all embody the projection of this fashion house.
Today we want to delight you with some of the most iconic creations from the brand that show off their true essence and uniqueness.
Photographs: José Ponton