As we have already mentioned, the sales season is a time of opportunity.  We can’t think of a better time to build the perfect wardrobe at incredible prices.  Will you join us in discovering the basics on sale from 2020 that we have specially selected at Tot-Hom&Co?

These are the basics on sale to build the perfect wardrobe

At Tot-Hom & Co we are in the midst of the sales season.  Discounts of up to 30% off and on select garments up to 50% off, amazing prices you can enjoy both in stores and online.

You still have time to get the clothes that you have been wanting for some time and why not, take advantage of this opportunity to renew parts of your wardrobe that are outdated.

Below, we show you our best basics on sale, pieces we believe are a full-fledged investment.  The types of garments that we know 100% you will get a lot of use out of, pieces that are key to a great wardrobe.  Garments that are timelessness and that will solve your fashion dilemmas on many occasions.

A colored bag

básicos de rebajas 2020


 A versatile short-sleeved dress

básicos de rebajas 2020

 A total sequin look for special occasions

básicos de rebajas 2020

 A flowy floral print dress

básicos de rebajas 2020

 A checkered frock coat

We invite you to visit our multi-brand stores in Barcelona and Sant Cugat to discover many more options.  We’ll be waiting for you!