Plaid garments are back this season. Actually this print has become timeless and has never left our closet. True, there are seasons where the firms make more or less emphasis in this traditional print, as well as all those trend-setting influencers.

In Tot-Hom this year we have opted, once again, for the British style because, let’s not fool ourselves, the elegance that lies in this print makes us love it and inspires us when designing looks for all of you. On this occasion, we wanted to merge it in the collection with a more urban line, highlighting jackets and skinny pants with lace bluchers. A very masculine look that accentuates the sober elegance of each one of us.

However, we’ve also opted for a more grunge-punk facet, remembering London’s most transgressor side. The combination of leather and checkered print inspires us for dressing women who feel the adventurous spirit within them and reflect it with their casual and cool-chic style.

Several styles, one print. We leave you with the most British creations for the Pret-a-porter line. Yes or no to the coolest print?

Cover photo: Diana Segura fotografía

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